Genealogy & Family Website Related Tasks to Perform:



Text Box: Please note: The following is a very cursory and incomplete list of tasks needing to be performed for our family history website project. This project continues to be a labor of love, yet is demanding an ever increasing investment of time and finances (but mostly time) on my part. Any and all assistance and/or participation from any interested family members would be greatly appreciated! Please do not hesitate to inform me if you, or someone you know, would be interested in volunteering and/or contributing in some manner toward this cause. Let's make this website a repository of information and entertainment that we can all enjoy and be proud of!
Mike Day




Family Website Project Vision:

(Coming soon!)

Genealogy/Family Tree Information Related:

  1. Information Search:
        A:    Begin compiling and chronicling family history - begin by obtaining family history from most senior relatives first.
            a:    Ask children of Vera C. Day and John D. Day II to collaborate on writing a biography for each of their parents.
            b:    Once manuscript is completed, digitize it (i.e.: write an electronic text version - MS Word, PDF or HTML).
            c:    Create a web page for Vera and John Day, add biographical text from previous step (b), select and add digitized photos (preferably
                   jpeg format) of them to page to accompany text.
  2. Media Search - for use on website:
        A:    Seek any and all historical family related media, including photographs, home movies/videos, audio recordings and writings of family
                members, living or deceased, from any relatives interested in providing such items.
        B:    Begin copying and digitizing media offered by relatives - seek participation in this task from interested family members.

Website/Server Related:

  1. Upgrade hard drive sizes - to 2 "1-terabyte" disks. RAID (stripe) them together to form a single 2 terabyte virtual drive (done)..
  2. Back up all current data on existing drive to a separate computer (done).
  3. Once 2 terabyte virtual drive is in place, install OS in use on current system (Windows Server 2003 - Enterprise Edition).(done).
  4. Purchase, install and set up SSL Security Certificate to encrypt user name/password login credentials.
  5. Purchase, install, set up and configure "profile showcase" script for self-maintained family address book feature.
  6. Review, select, install and configure an appropriate genealogical database application; application must interface with website. → Find genealogical database that interfaces with web site in real time.
  7. Set up and configure server as email (smtp) server; then configure email capability with "contact webmaster" form, "Family Address Book" user account functionality, and TNGGS user account functionality.
  8. Edit design of Family Address Book so it's more streamlined & easier to use; create instructions for usage by users.
  9. Setup, configure, and activate automated remote online data backup system.
  10. Create SSL connection for Photo Album.
  11. Set up multimedia streaming capability on server for streaming home videos.
  12. Shop around for SOS (single sign on) program to incorporate SOS capability for all protected portions of website.